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SPACE Group was formed with the aim of changing the science and astronomy education and entertainment landscape in the world through path breaking and innovative concepts, services and programs. SPACE has combined business with a noble and philanthropic cause of science popularisation, as we truly believe that businesses should work in the larger interest of the society as social and scientific development leads to development of mankind at large.
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Space Astronomy Club
Major Events
Heliodyssey 2008
Heliodyssey is a project of SPACE to follow the Total Solar eclipses all over the world and perform experiments. In this highly prestigious project, school students from all over India are selected through an online exam. These selected students then travel to the location of Total Solar Eclipse internationally fully sponsored (this year it wasRussia) and are trained in various experiments and scientific procedures.
SPACE had announced Oct. 2007 - Oct. 2008 as “World Space Exploration Year” to commemorate the efforts put in by the countries across the globe for a common goal of reaching the stars. The aim is to encourage and stir young minds towards astronomy and space sciences and scientific temper. During this year SPACE will be organizing different activities and events to showcase the achievements of humanity in space for last 50 years and future programmes for next 50 years in space exploration.
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  • Space clubs
  • Consultancy
  • Observatories/ Planetarium
  • Astropark, Astrolab consultancy
  • Recreational science solutions
  • Educative & entertaining activities
  • Astronomy Club
  • Astronomy Eqipments
  • Star Parties & Observations
  • Space Nodal Centers
  • Skill Development and Stress Bursting Workshop
  • Astrotourism and holiday Programes
  • Eclipse Chasers Athenaeum (ECa)
  • Space Activity Center
  • Lecturers & Workshops of Renowned
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The club is an all the year round activity club that brings together common people, astronomy enthusiasts,amateur stronomers and beginners looking to experience variety and unique activity experience, away from the daily grind and stress of daily lives.
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Astro Shop
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