Science popularisation amongst the masses especially children is one of the key areas of concerns that has been identified by governments and agencies internationally. Governments all over the world including India have earmarked projects and plans to spread science, which has seen an unfortunate decline in interest by the people. Worldwide there are efforts being initiated to bring Science to the mainstream.

Astronomy is the oldest science and mother of all sciences. The relation of the man to heavens above is what initiated the process of thoughts and analysis for humans. We still feel fascinated to see so many stars above and wonder what they are. A small sight through the telescope can reveal a shining star to be fascinating Saturn with all its glory of rings. Mysterious, mystic and immensely beautiful is the sky above us.

A person exposed to astronomy learns all fields of science such as Basic Physics, Optics, Electronics and it is fun to take the telescope in the field and observe the wonders of the universe.

With advent of advanced communications and technology, launching of satellites science and astronomy have become prime focus areas. There is ever increasing possibility of alien life being found and ambitious projects of colonizing the universe have already begun. There is also a continuous effort of our scientists to unravel the mystery of our evolution, of creation of earth and the universe. A simple completion of space station shall draw the focus of industry on Astronomy.

Hence all future endeavors of mankind would require the researcher to be well versed in astronomy and astronomy truly would emerge as the basic qualification one needs to be equipped with to pursue any field of Science or Commerce or History. Time is not far away when humans shall have their first settlement somewhere other than Earth then space Architects, space Doctors, Astronauts, Psychologists, technicians and who not what shall be the demand of the industry.

Large amount of funds are flowing all over the world in Space research, Satellite Launching, International Space Station etc. The world is expected to invest US$10 billion in astronomical observatories and their instruments and concepts over the next ten years.

Astro-tourism is on its anvil and First Tourist to space has already been taken. Leading to increase surge of interest, public participation and business in this field.

Education one of the prime focuses for any nation, any government and society at large is still in its developing stages in India. The educated work force of India has reaped immense benefits to the economy, IT sector being a perfect example. But few areas that need an effort not just from the government but also the private sector are: primary education, education in rural areas, quality of education imparted and the relevance of the subjects being taught to the students.

Education being one of the basic needs for the Development of the Nation receives focus upon for all policies decision by Governments all around the world. The Government of India demarcates 8-10 percent of its GDP for the education in its budget.

Education sector has emerged as one of the leading industries in the recent years and is expanding its horizons in an exponential pace. The Industry has seen many joint ventures, partnerships with Government and incentives and tax Benefits for the private Entrepreneurs for almost all ventures in Education Industry. All over India every state has a policy funding or subsidizing the infrastructure needs for the education sector. With the further organization in the sector there is a huge need of the innovative business ideas, consultants etc.


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