• To contribute to the development of Indian and humanity in general through popularisation of science amongst the masses and inculcating scientific temperament in the lives of people especially children, the leaders of tomorrow and be a pioneer in Science popularisation in the world.

  • Introducing Astronomy as a recreational cum educational activity for working professionals in various organisations

  • Conducting Seminars, Workshops, Events, Conferences, Competitions and other activities for the general public, teaching fraternity, student’s community and the parents

  • Providing Scholarships to students in the field of science

  • Sending students abroad to various Science and Technology Organisations under various science and cultural exchange programme

  • Setting up of science centers, observatories and planetariums

  • To create employment opportunities for people through innovative and practical use of science and technology.

  • To be present all over India by 2008 and start the international foray in 2009.

  • To contribute to the development of the scientific fabric of India and the world at large and inculcate rational thinking, scientific temper and attitude of experimentation amongst the people, especially the student community, harbingers of future change.
   We firmly believe that:
  • Collectively everything desired is achievable

  • Innovation breeds at all levels of organization

  • People are priceless

  • Dynamism fuels growth


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